Dr. Muhamamad Shahid Ibni Zamir

Director/ Associate Professor
Department of Agronomy
Full Name: Dr. Muhamamad Shahid Ibni Zamir
Designation: Associate Professor
Qualification: Ph.D.
Research Areas: My research focus in on conservation agronomy and cropping system research with special emphasis on field crops and the management practices for plants and soils to address agricultural and environmental challenges. In addition, agronomy of fodder crops and to develop economically viable, highly productive and sustainable non-legume and legume forages sustainable for general adoption by the grower particularly the small growers of the country is also being emphasized.
Address: UAF
Phone (Office): +92419200161 - Ext.
EMail (Primary): Ibnizamir@uaf.edu.pk
HEC Approved Supervisor: Yes
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